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#evu.cup 5 results written by Homer, 2010-08-31 22:37 CEST (12 comments)

Results of #evu.cup 5

Premier league

1. vicious and evil

2. to Make odds even

3. Sleeperz

4. aces

5. Phantoms

6. Plug & Pown

7. colt45

8. TAG

2nd league

1. energy WAVE

2. Splendid

3. vibe

4. aToOn-xpz

5. turboapinat

5. Busy Doing Nothing

7. kojak

7. Independents

3rd league

1. Exotic Island

2. Red As A Beetroot

3. xt6 Gaming

4. angelDust

5. oSk

6. zeroE.randomZ

7. Relax

8. aToOn-asphyxia

4th league

1. Anexis

2. quaco

3. in7-fNtx

4. shidima s`agapo

5. eXert

6. Deathless

7. Possessed

8. aHead.et

#evu.cup 5 SIGNUPS written by Homer, 2010-03-17 00:16 CET (6 comments)

EuroCup XXI season is on it's way. With 206 signups already, making qualifiers for the most prestigeous online tournament is not an easy task. As you may have noticed, I'm back to Clanbase, at least sort of. I will be responsible for solving EC conflicts out if they appear. Hovewer, my remaining 2 duties are creating a mappool and doing Qualifiers. I think that the Qualifier system I used in last EC was a good one, so expect the same in this season. As I browsed current signups, I've noticed several newly formed teams consisting of players somewhat known. Since inviting-to-pracc-to-see-how-a-team-is-doing didn't really work before last season, this time I decided to give you an occasion to show your skills and to prove you should be considered in EC Qualifiers. Therefore, I announce #evu.cup 5.

The cup will consist of 2 stages- groupphase and the finals only. Cup participants will be separated into several leagues. 8 clans divided into 2 groups in each league will fight in the groupstage. Then, clans from places 1,2,3,4 will clash against each other to fight for 1st, 3rd, 5th ,7th place in the final stage.

Cup's schedule:

1st groupmatch: 21 March, 21.00 CET
2nd groupmatch: 22 March, 21.00 CET
3rd groupmatch: 23 March, 21.00 CET

Finals: 24 March, 21.00 CET

You can only reschedule a game if it is played at the same day but different hour.



Wanna prove you're EC Quali worthy? Wanna have some granted praccs? Wanna compare your level with other teams? Play the cup! And play it till the end- no forfeits is a good info about your team as well.

Signups are opened till 20 March, 21.00 CET


http://evu-cup.tourney.cc/sign-ups/ [evu-cup.tourney.cc]

FINALS written by Homer, 2010-02-26 15:04 CET (5 comments)

#evu.cup 4 is close to an end. Now, the last games need to be played. Here's the roster for all leagues:


Match for 1st place:

tMoe PolagZ - Phantoms LAN

Match for 3rd place:

dESIRE - myR FIF 0:4

Match for 5th place:

Team AoW - ePROX 4:0

Match for 7th place:

Plug&Pown - reVeal 4:2


Match for 1st place:

TAG - Phantoms Online 4:0

Match for 3rd place:

Team Poland - KRP 0:1

Match for 5th place:

Asphyxia - Team Portugal 0:1

Match for 7th place:

Turbot - devilry 1:0


Match for 1st place:

logiX - roYality 4:2

Match for 3rd place:

FaMaS - inteRaction 4:0

Match for 5th place:

euclan - energy WAVE 4:2

Match for 7th place:

angelDust - increased 1:0


Match for 1st place:

suffering - Anticlimax 0:4

Match for 3rd place:

Nothing is Impossible - Validus 0:1

Match for 5th place:

lost soldiers - infinitus eSport 0:1

Match for 7th place:

Left Hand Solution - eXtreMe SolDierS 4:0


Match for 1st place:

SachseN - in7-fNtx 4:0

Match for 3rd place:

Deathless - Splendid Gaming 1:0

Match for 5th place:

delvix - Impuls Gaming 4:2

Match for 7th place:

e0h - Blood Signed 1:0

All those matches will be scheduled with a default day of tuesday 2 Mar if they aren't scheduled by 1 Mar 20.00. Maps are forced: radar & sw_goldrush_te.

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