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#evu.cup 5 results written by Homer, 2010-08-31 22:37 CEST (12 comments)

Results of #evu.cup 5

Premier league

1. vicious and evil

2. to Make odds even

3. Sleeperz

4. aces

5. Phantoms

6. Plug & Pown

7. colt45

8. TAG

2nd league

1. energy WAVE

2. Splendid

3. vibe

4. aToOn-xpz

5. turboapinat

5. Busy Doing Nothing

7. kojak

7. Independents

3rd league

1. Exotic Island

2. Red As A Beetroot

3. xt6 Gaming

4. angelDust

5. oSk

6. zeroE.randomZ

7. Relax

8. aToOn-asphyxia

4th league

1. Anexis

2. quaco

3. in7-fNtx

4. shidima s`agapo

5. eXert

6. Deathless

7. Possessed

8. aHead.et
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